Customer Engagement & Contact Center Optimization services

Fulcrum provides a Customer Engagement Optimization service that  delivers Holistic, technology agnostic services to enhance our Clients capabilities in their efforts to better serve their Customers. An enriched Customer experience that also leads to improved employee satisfaction … while lowering operating costs and achieving “Month 1 ROI” results.

  • We analyze, advise, design and deliver improved Customer Experience solutions
  • Take a Holistic view that considers People, Process and Technology requirements (with an eye on Network connectivity)
  • Leverage our Automation Capabilities within the Contact Center
    • Analyze and uncover best areas to automate
    • Look to simplify processes and improve Agent experience
    • Introduce best practices to enhance the Customer Experience
    • Provide an opportunity to conduct a “Proof of Solution” scenario
    • Achieve “Month 1 ROI”
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