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Fulcrum Consulting Services helps companies thrive in a business environment affected by competitive threats, customer demands and constantly evolving technologies.

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Near Shore

Fulcrum’s near shore project services in Cordoba, Argentina offers agile development and delivery management methodologies to ensure desired business outcomes are achieved.

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Project Staffing

Fulcrum’s project staffing services help clients to add expertise to address experience gaps and peaks and valleys in project workload.

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About Us

"We have built a strong and enduring culture that will serve us well as we continue to grow in the future. Ultimately, it is about the impact we deliver and the value we provide.”

- Eric Mahler, Founder

Fulcrum Consulting is a national company that provides Consulting, Near Shore Development and Project Staffing services with a mission that is dedicated to helping customers achieve extraordinary results in areas critical to their success.

Fulcrum continues to be one of the few firms that can operate at the intersections of business and technology, strategy and execution. With expertise in both business and technology, Fulcrum Consulting transcends the conventions of the consulting industry by working with customers to define the "What to do", design the "How to do it", and apply our experience as a results oriented company to "Get It Done”.

To every customer, our promise remains the same: Working with Fulcrum, you will achieve results faster, more sustainably and with higher impact on your performance.
Every day, we deliver on that promise earning the trust that is the hallmark of our relationships.

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