Artificial Intelligence

The next frontier of innovation will be centered around processes that leverage dynamic languages and largely unstructured data. AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, speech recognition, chatbots and virtual agents will continue to rapidly evolve.  Blockchain technology also will see increasing commercial adoption and innovation.  When implemented strategically, these technologies help improve productivity and lower costs, unlocking more creative jobs and creating new growth opportunities.  Fulcrum’s AI practitioners help clients to:

  • Construct a robust AI/digital roadmap that harnesses available technologies to drive business value.
  • Determine readiness of the organization to take on new digitization strategies.
  • Provide program, project and change management expertise to support pilot and full enterprise implementation.
  • Deliver third part automation tools, including RPA technologies to drive back office and related operational efficiencies that reduce organization costs and improve delivery quality.
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