Executive Leadership

  • Eric Mahler is the Founder and Managing Partner of Fulcrum Consulting. Since 2002, Fulcrum has been focused on providing business advisory, project management and technology services across United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. Mr. Mahler has over 20 years of multinational experience building and managing high performance teams and leading large transformations as a former Fortune 500 executive, board member and management consultant. Eric lives in Dallas, Texas and is responsible for managing geographical presence and capabilities for Fulcrum nationally.
  • Dan Emehiser has been a Managing Partner of Fulcrum Consulting since 2003. Mr. Emehiser has over 25 years of operations management experience spending the last 20 years in the management consulting and IT services industry. He has held various board positions within private industry and is now focused on managing the operational excellence of Fulcrum nationally. Dan spends time between Des Moines, IA and St. Augustine, FL and is responsible for all geographic operations within Fulcrum.
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