Employing America’s Veterans

Today is National Hire A Veteran Day, a special day that was established in 2017 to focus attention on the employment needs of US military veterans. You could say it’s a call to action for employers. At LRS Consulting Services, we constantly strive to answer that call. Currently, self-identified veterans account for 3.8 percent of[…]

Will AI actually kill jobs?

  In late April, Google announced that it had upgraded its Bard AI “experiment” with the ability to help people with programming and software development tasks, including code generation, code debugging, and explanation. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but about that same time, software engineers began to fear for their future. Just days after Google’s announcement,[…]

Now we face the Great Mismatch

Since the end of COVID-19 emergency measures that closed offices nationwide, we’ve lived through the Great Retirement, the Great Resignation, and the Great Return. Now we’re facing the Great Mismatch. That’s the conflict between employers who want employees working in the office at least a few days per week and employees who want to work[…]

The state of the IT staffing industry

                    The state of the IT staffing industry By Chris Walters, Senior Vice President, LRS Consulting Services It’s safe to say that 2022 was one crazy year. It began with everyone still rebounding from COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and ended with headlines about major layoffs at tech[…]

Going nearshore to bridge the skills gap

When TechServe Alliance published its tech consulting industry update for December, it noted that there is still high demand for tech talent. And short supply. Even after layoffs at Meta, Amazon, Coinbase, and others, there’s still a skills gap. Mark Roberts, TechServe Alliance CEO, talked about the IT employment situation. “While layoffs among some high-profile[…]