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MINNEAPOLIS MN, MAY 2021 – Fulcrum Secures Multi-year Nearshore Partnership Agreement with Large F500 FI Client

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, MAY 2021 – Fulcrum Secures Multi-year Nearshore Partnership Agreement with Large F500 FI Client

Fulcrum announced the launch a new nearshore development engagement with a F500 provider of wealth management and insurance services. This relationship will include the provisioning of project resources to support digital transformation goals and internal project demand for its clients.

“We will be helping with project resourcing to address the schedule of this client to implement systems needs now and in the future.” “Much of the work will involve direct support for evolving their current systems along with custom development for mobile enhancements and the enablement of analytics and machine learning”, said Adam Israel, head of Fulcrum’s nearshore organization in the U.S. “Fulcrum is excited to bring this capacity to help this client’s goals for growth.” “The things that distinguished our solution during the due diligence process included our 3.5 to 1 productivity advantage over other development options along with Fulcrum’s large development headcount and track record within industry,”, said Adam.

About Fulcrum Consulting: Drawn to the company’s client focus and consultant first philosophy, large businesses have turned to Fulcrum Consulting for business guidance, transformation leadership and nearshore development services to help them meet their business goals and objectives. Founded in 2003, Fulcrum Consulting has grown to become a market leader in management consulting, nearshore development and technical consulting services. Please direct questions to inquiry@fulcrumconsult.com.