VPN myths, busted

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“What the heck is a VPN and why do I need one anyway?” It’s a common question and here are the three misunderstandings, or myths users often run into and we want to clear the air.

Myth #1: You need to be techy to set one up

Only the IT department or tech geeks know how to set up a VPN, right? Not at all! There are VPN products that can be downloaded with easy installation and setup. But, be warned re: myth #2 …

Myth #2: You can get one for free

The VPN market may look endless with all of the options. It’s littered with free choices, so obviously you can get one for free, right? Wrong! If a business offers you a service for free, you become the product. They use you to make money. A free VPN makes money by injecting ads into your browsing (after scrutinizing your online traffic), or turning around and selling your data to a third-party. Find a VPN provider with excellent 24/7 support and frequent security patches.

Myth #3: VPNs are only used by hackers and cyber criminals

You’ve seen the stock photos online of cyber hackers, sitting in their dark hoodies, scrolling through 1s and 0s on the screen as they hack through cyberspace. Yes, criminals and hackers do use VPNs to mask their identities, but they’re hardly the only users. Here are people who can really benefit from a VPN:

  • Business travelers who access public WiFi from airports and hotels
  • Small businesses securing their network as they grow
  • Users at the gym, using their WiFi while running or lifting weights
  • Global users looking to establish their virtual presence in countries like Sweden and Hong Kong
  • Everyone, because we believe that all people should have unfiltered access to the internet. Stopping or prohibiting that access is a human rights violation. In an ideal world, everyone will be able to access information on the web. This will strengthen our society, and provide people with equal opportunities.

Now that you know these myths about VPN, help share the realities with friends and coworkers. Spread the word about privacy and security.

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