How to be seen as a respected leader by your team

Respect is a foundational aspect of team leadership. Respected leaders can drive more productivity and a greater sense of engagement from employees than those who are seen as remote, removed, or less 53952155 - two bookshop managers working on laptop.capable. While managers are often seen as an authority, that doesn’t automatically mean that they have the respect and trust of their team. Here’s what to keep in mind as a manager:

  • Be a good listener: Your employees should see you as someone they can openly approach, to voice concerns and share suggestions. This leads to better department morale and better employee relationships.
  • Stay genuine and open-minded: Being committed to communication is one of the pillars of good management. This means being honest even when you’re unsure of the answer or of a differing opinion. Don’t be so quick to say “no” right away.
  • Be mindful of your role: Managers are human, but they should also aware of their image among employees. It’s important to walk the line between being authentic and accessible and too loose with personal details or non-work related stories.
  • Focus on solutions, not problems: Every job and every company has its share of setbacks. Staying positive during these situations and staying focused solutions without placing blame is an important way to maintain respect with your team.
  • Remember recognition: Praise and recognition are an important part of maintaining morale and positive relationships. Criticism and discipline may play a part in your role as manager, but it’s important to stay balanced and always handle any critiques privately.
  • Never take advantage: You should never succeed at the expense of your employees. If there is a failure to meet a deadline, it’s unacceptable as a leader to pin a failure on a team member to make yourself look better to your leadership. If an employee generates an idea that helps elevate your business, it’s important to give due credit and acknowledge your employee’s contribution.

Part of being an effective manager is gaining — and keeping — the respect and trust of your employees. These steps can help you become a respected manager, no matter the size of your team.