Six ways to use your tax refund to boost your career

47171009_MGetting a tax refund can be like winning a small lottery. Maybe your first thought is to spend it on a vacation or something fun. You deserve it, right? But what if you used that money, instead, to invest in yourself?

Career development courses can be a great way to learn the skills or trades your resume lacks. The selection of subjects is vast, so choose something that you are interested in but that will also benefit your career path.

Get a new wardrobe. Whether you enjoy shopping or not, looking professional at your job is a must if you want to go far. How you look says a lot about how serious you are about your job and career. Make sure you are making the impression you want.

Depending on your career, the latest tech could take you to the next level. Living in the tech-driven world we do, keeping up with tech trends is always an advantage.

Having a mentor doesn’t necessarily cost money, but finding a mentor and offering to pay for their lunch does. Most professionals won’t say no to a free breakfast, lunch or dinner. Find someone in your field who you admire and offer to buy coffee or lunch, and then use the opportunity to pick his or her brain for tips to success.

If you’ve always dreamed of working in a certain city or country, now is the time to explore. Take a few days or a week to visit the city and try to picture yourself living there. Plan ahead and ask to have coffee with professionals in your field who live in that city.

Good books have changed lives for hundreds of years. Many websites have lists of books for particular interests. Ask your co-workers or boss what books they like. Invest the time and money in a good book and see how it changes your life.


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