How to tell if you’re a good manager

Business team discussing together  plansGreat managers exist, but how do you know if you are one? Here are some of the things to look for when you’re assessing your management skills.

  1. Other managers ask you for advice: If other members of management are coming to you, looking for advice on how to solve a problem, talk to a client, or handle an employee, it’s likely that your reputation as a good manager has found its way through the office.
  2. Your team is better than when you started: If you have metrics that show your team is in better shape since you showed up, you can probably take some of the credit for that. If your team regularly meets deadlines and can handle projects when you’re out of the office, you’ve likely helped to create good systems, educated and trained your people, and hired good team members who can be trusted.
  3. Your team goes above and beyond: If your team is known for not just meeting deadlines, but for passing off innovative work ahead of schedule, some of your driving force may be behind that. Whether it’s through good hiring, good delegation, effective processes, or just being a good motivator, consistently performing teams are often the sign of a good manager.
  4. Your team likes talking to you: You always want to keep good boundaries as a manager, but if your team stops by just to chat sometimes, it’s likely you’re a valued team leader.
  5. You’re good at feedback: If your staff never needs to ask if they’re doing a good job because you’re always letting them know what they’re doing right, ways they excelled, and things to focus on improving, your managerial priorities are definitely in the right place.

If you’re looking for a way to be better manager, consider these points. Ask yourself how you can motivate this kind of behavior in your team and in yourself, and you’ll be on your way to crushing your management goals.