6 simple words to boost your career

54066243_M Dream careers don’t often happen overnight. It can take days, months, and even years of showing those around you that you deserve that position and salary. One sign of a great leader is likability. It’s hard to get somewhere if no one likes you. The good news is improved office likability might be just a few words away.

Say yes. Most everyone loves a go-getter. The one that works late for another co-worker; the one that volunteers to do the menial tasks; and the one who never says no. When you say yes to your supervisor, you show passion for your job. Don’t be a pushover and don’t get taken advantage of, but go beyond the every-day tasks.

Don’t forget “please.” You may have already learned it as a kid on the playground: don’t be bossy. If you’re a manager, you probably ask a lot of favors each day. Saying “please” helps keep you connected to your team. Use “we” instead of “I.” Sure, you could take all the credit for the work you do, but why not share it? Saying “we” instead of “I” builds unity in your team and therefore, trust and likeability.

Ask for help. Humility in the workplace goes far. Yes, you should be confident in what you do, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Every person you work with has something you can learn from.

Find out why. Don’t just do something because that’s the way it’s always been done. Be assertive. Ask questions when something doesn’t make sense. If you can fix broken processes, you’ll become invaluable to your company.

Always say “thanks.” Never forget to show gratitude. When you express your appreciation for the things around you, or for a particular individual, it shows maturity, which is always a sign of a leader.

Changing how we talk to others can transform our relationships. By praising others, showing humility and acknowledging team effort, you’re sure to climb your way up the career ladder.