Cultivating charisma

38374677 - definition of word charisma in dictionaryPersonal branding success rests heavily upon one enviable trait: Charisma. Here are a few ways to develop more of this important asset:

Give them the VIP treatment. When talking with other people, help the other person feel as if they have your full attention. Charismatic people shine the spotlight on other people, not themselves. Don’t look away, answer the cell phone or interrupt while someone is talking. Be a good listener.

Make people feel special. Everyone loves positive feedback. If you’re a manager, let people know what they are doing right as often as possible. Let a co-worker or team member know how much you appreciate them. Charismatic people make other people feel special about themselves.

Stop trumpeting your accomplishments. Charismatic people don’t constantly tell other people how great they are. They work hard and accomplish great things, but they shift the spotlight to others. Actions speak louder than words — if you are doing incredible things, people will notice. You won’t have to tell them!

Wondering how work on charisma, day by day? This article provides some good tips!

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