Are you ready for the age of the digital-first posture?

Personal Branding - 3d render concept of blue arrow pointing to text.A term coined by Mitch Joel, who has been called the “Rock Star of digital marketing,” astutely captures the task of creating one’s digital brand.

“A digital-first posture” describes what so many professionals are already doing these days. We “meet” new people in the digital realm, far in advance of the actual in-person, flesh-and-blood handshake.

Another trend afoot: Contractual workers are quickly gaining ground over salaried staff. One can no longer depend upon a close tie between a corporate identity and one’s personal career trajectory. In short, building a personal brand will become a much more important priority for one’s career ambitions. A talented individual may choose to become less attached to a corporate persona and more focused on his or her individual career goals.

So how does this turn of events shape the task of creating an influential personal brand? Essentially people you do not know have already become acquainted with you through your digital persona. Therein lies both an opportunity and a risk. Being set free from corporate ties that place one’s importance more heavily on the identity of the corporation/employer opens far more doors of opportunity than one would imagine.

Credentials, acumen and connections mean so much more these days than a fancy job title at a large company. As one practices the art of engaging with clients across a digital interface, creating a powerful brand has never been a more fruitful investment than it is today.

While stylish clothing and impeccable grooming will always be top of list, it’s also imperative that aspiring professionals invest time into bringing all the various elements together to create a powerful polished impression.

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