Building a personal brand is essential for today’s professionals

Sell YourselfShould personal branding be considered promotional advertising? Or should one approach it like the big players who concoct memorable moments that cost a pretty penny to pull off?

Many upwardly mobile professionals struggle with the concept of personal branding. It’s more than a tagline but less than a full-blown one-man or one-woman marketing campaign. And that’s part of the reason it’s still a bit of a mystery to upwardly mobile professionals.

For example, in the world of sports and music, great promoters work to grab attention. We all understand that kind of high-profile branding. But when you’re in the C-suite, that approach seems so out of place. And it is.

The key to this conundrum is to focus on the “personal.” What makes you unique amid a crowd of thousands? How will you stand out? Will it be your moxie? Perhaps your brand will be more about your deliberative, focused approach to crafting an indelible impression that sticks in the other person’s mind long after you’ve left the gathering.

Unlike the fashion runway, personal branding isn’t focused solely on one’s adornment, although that is an important element. It’s more about the whole package as well as the entrance. Yes, how you choose to enter a room leaves an indelible impression, too. Your gait, your posture and your presence all come together to craft a sense of excitement and an impression that speaks of confidence, moxie and the ability to craft a powerful personal story.