Four ways to encourage your professional peers

41392875 - three business professionals working togetherAt some point everyone in the world of commerce will need help with a task, a personal challenge or a morale boost. Spotting those opportunities and being the first person to respond is a powerful way to increase your reputation among your peers.

Here are four ways to encourage coworkers and professional peers:

Step up to the plate. When you see someone in your workplace struggling with a task, an unhappy client or even a personal issue, take five or ten minutes to offer an encouraging word. Comforting a discouraged colleague not only helps lift company morale, but it also brands you as a team player willing to lend a helping hand.

Participate in team building. Unless you work in total isolation, you’ll have many opportunities to offer the occasional personal coaching tip to a fellow staffer. Avoid a patronizing tone. Approach a coworker with a cheerful and upbeat attitude. Steer clear of posing questions or sharing details that may embarrass the person.

Ask for feedback from your coworkers. Others in the workplace may be too shy or reluctant to speak what is top of mind. Wallflowers can miss out on those advancement opportunities. Quietly go to a few coworkers you trust and ask them for their opinion on how you are perceived by colleagues. Then take that information and use it to improve your approach when working with colleagues.

Push the boundaries of your comfort zone. It’s all too easy to become stuck in a rut, but successful professionals push back against complacency. Staying at the top of your game requires an attitude that nothing will hold you back from your career advancement. Be on the lookout for ways to show others you are absolutely indispensable.