How well do you know the people who work for you?

4251210_SHow well do you know the people who report to you? Understanding the people you manage is one important key to being a successful manager.

Your team’s concerns and worries, career goals and personal situations can all have a significant impact on their ability to do their jobs well.

How do you get to know your employees better? Set aside time for casual one-on-one meetings with your staff. Ask them about their responsibilities and interests, their careers and their goals. You’ll also want to ask them for feedback about their work environment and if there are any ways you can help them succeed on the job.

On the personal side of things, there are few people who don’t like it when someone shows a genuine interest in them. On a daily basis, show interest in what your employees are doing apart from office hours. Are they buying their first home? Adopting a baby? Is it their birthday? Celebrating important milestones can be a great way to bond with those you work with.