Are you getting enough you-time?

30643180 - businessman relaxYou have a hard enough time taking a break. You work hard, maybe too hard, and you likely don’t take enough time off. It isn’t surprising then that 42% of working Americans never took personal time off in 2013.

When you finally do get away, are you really getting away? If you hold a critical position at work, you may feel it is nearly impossible to fully disconnect, whether you are on vacation or not. Many feel that the higher up you are on the organizational chart, the more you are expected to be available whenever, wherever, no matter what.

In the end, no one expects you to drop the Scuba gear and rush back to the office at the drop of a hat, but perhaps you can set expectations for your team, and provide them with a way to contact you if there is a business emergency.

Like anyone else, you deserve free time. No one wants you to burn out. And even if you can’t force yourself to take some time off, there are ways to keep yourself motivated and avoid becoming a casualty of your own work ethic.