Fulcrum Launchpad

Fulcrum Consulting has developed a “Launch Pad” Service offering designed to close the gap for newly hired business analysts                to support client goals to get a new employee ramped up effectively to be productive and contribute meaningful results.   Fulcrum proprietary offering is focused on ramping up new employees as quickly as possible, to impart a client’s culture and values and expose a new employee to the breadth of BA fundamentals needed to succeed and socially integrate the new employee into the client’s team.  Some recent testimonials for this capability include:

“Recent launchpad graduates have told us that the program gave them a new appreciation for the heart of what it takes to be successful in a new job,”  A recent graduate commented, “Overall, the training was thorough.  Fulcrum helped us learn the stuff you really need to know, and that you don’t learn in business school.”

A spokesman for a Fortune 50 Financial Services company and current Fulcrum customer said that “the bank uses Fulcrum’s Launch Pad offering for things like basic training for new business analyst associates to ensure their success long-term.” “We augment Fulcrum’s training and development opportunities with our own in-house programs, to ensure long-term success.” “To date, we have been very happy with the results.”