Artificial Intelligence Digital Organizational Agility IOT Blockchain Cloud “New and constant business challenges are forcing organizations to struggle to keep up with these changes. Major transformation takes various forms and requires significant improvements in business capabilities that can take years. Fulcrum will promote these upgrades and reduce the overall transformation time significantly by developing innovative[…]


Business Strategy Alignment Artificial Intelligence Digital Transformation Cloud Services Security Future Workforce “IT organizations are under constant pressure to capture and demonstrate value from each and every investment dollar. As companies take a look at the strategic potential of technology, Fulcrum ensures that IT fully enables the success of future business.”

Performance Improvement

Robotics Process Automation Competitive Agility Future Workforce Change Management “Companies are increasingly looking for ways to reduce operational costs, enhance competitiveness and increase market share. ¬†Fulcrum can further these measures through improvements to business processes and planned changes to workplace productivity.”


Business Intelligence Big Data Cloud Analytics Data Governance “Companies must do more than simply process large amounts of data using traditional statistical techniques. Fulcrum works with clients to leverage advanced analytics to provide nuanced insights into their organizations and the marketplace so they stay ahead of the competition.”


Artificial Intelligence Digital Transformation Business/Technology Alignment Competitive Agility Future Workforce Cloud IOT Blockchain “The success of any enterprise depends on knowing what business you are in or in which direction your business should be moving. Understanding the current and future sources of advantage in that business while maintaining a sustainable advantage is how Fulcrum can[…]